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Become a vital part of a support team in MediBee´s app for mental health support!

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Have you ever wanted to support people with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, ptsd or other mental health ordeals?

Now is your chance, as we are a community of peer to peer support groups, soon to be rooted in the MediBee Community Support App. You can already download the app, but currently we are developing community features, and all our members are in our group on Facebook. 

In total we have 2400 members and we are growing each day. If you have time and efforts to spend, to support and moderate a caring group, being part of the MediBee volunteer team, we are looking for you now. 

Most of our members are from UK at the moment, but when we lauch the MediBee Community App later the fall, people from many nation can be members and find support in MediBee.

We encourage you to look at our website and get the feeling of MediBee Universe. You see, this is not any ordinary community. We are all MediBee´s, and have a world of Bee features and statements in the app. 

Support groups are BeeHives,  Volunteers are Support Bee´s, Our newsfeed is called The View, and we have a Flower Bee, AdminBee and Blogger Bee´s. 

Here are some principles that we respect, and need you to respect and appreciate, if you are interested in joing the MediBee Volunteer Team on Facebook at first, as it is virtuel as some of us live in Denmark and some of the founders are in UK.  

You need to speak and write fluid english and be present at least 4 hours per week. 

You can apply by sending us a motivated letter and a CV. 

You can find our group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/medibee.me/ 

You can find a lot of our videos here  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTW1lYZdUPzkL4fj5Ehdt0w 

If you want to read about the project fully, you can also find the full description and listen to the founders on video by typing MediBee on Kickstarter.

We look forward to hear from you, and we will then send you the guidelines, our policy and everything you need to know, before deciding if this is something, you would like to be part of, as this is a crowd of people online who are often very lonly and going through a rough time, in need of support and motivation. 

Beside supporting, we need to keep the Community caring and not allowing any post or comments that are not appropriate. This is a teamwork, and you will have a discussion group together with your fellow volunteers and the team, where you always can find advise.

If you have a background, where you have helped people with mental health challenges before,  this is a bonus, but not a requrement, as we mostly seek individuals who have their hearth on the right place, have not any unresolved issues themselfs and simply loves to be on social networks and moderate/post quotes/inspiration and be a teamplayer. 

You must be at least 18 years old and love to communicate. 

Many kind regards fromt the MediBee Team

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