Follow in scientific news (new research)

We select some interesting news daily. You move the text through a machine translation feature so the text will be Danish, and insert the Danish text in front of the English. Maybe you correct the text, but we'll see it through.

Foreningen af Yngre Biologer
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We collect news from natural sciences, ie biology, medicine, astronomy, etc. but mostly biological subjects. We are checking for news every day, but you do not have to do it daily. News are mostly in English language and we make a machine translation into Danish. You can check for errors in the machine translation. You can also help sorting the news, giving each news a point for news value. We have made 5 sorting groups and you will be enrolled in one of the groups. If you want more news, you can join more than one group.

You learn about new research,

to read Danish and English,

to correct text,

and if you want, you can also practice writing texts (redirect to good Danish or English).

You can also dive deeper into texts that you are particularly interested in.

If you are super-keen you can also contribute to our project "utilize new knowledge". For example, to use new research to exploitation in the field of state aid, social services, etc.

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